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Elk Grove United, Nike and announce Partnership

Elk Grove United, Nike and SOCCER.COM are proud to announce a multi-year agreement making SOCCER.COM the official provider of Elk Grove United’s Nike uniforms, equipment and gear along with all other soccer needs.

“We’re thrilled to formally team up with SOCCER.COM, the world’s largest soccer specialty retailer provides us with many exciting opportunities moving forward.”

Together, Elk Grove United, Nike and SOCCER.COM will be the resource for coaches, players and parents to get everything that is needed for training, games and beyond to set our players up for success.

“Elk Grove United’s growth success has exceeded expectations and partnering with Nike and will continue to raise our brand profile to build upon that success,”

SOCCER.COM was created over 35 years ago by a family who loves and lives the game. Today, SOCCER.COM continues to be a family-owned business fueled by an unrelenting passion for our sport. At our core, SOCCER.COM is a community of players, coaches and fans who celebrate and work to grow the game in everything we do.

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