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Micro and First Touch 

Ready to Take Your Soccer Game to the Next Level?



The only country in the world that has more children playing soccer other than the United States of America is Brazil. This South American nation has a rich history of producing world class players, yet their system has less structure than the current system used here in the U.S.

Elk Grove United realizes the Academy approach is vital to U4 to U10 players and club want to produce top players capable of competing at the highest levels or to maximize their potential.



An Academy is when a club keeps a collection of players within an age group as opposed to placing them on individual teams.


The Academy is a concept that is based on the professional soccer club systems from around the world.

There are no “A, B, and C” teams with these Academies


Players stay in pools and can be moved back and forth according to their progress and development throughout the seasonal year.


The emphasis is on developing players and FUN!

Academy Programs

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